Whistler Ice Cave Elopement

An ice cave elopement has been on our wish list for a long time! We were just waiting for the perfect opportunity to embark on this Whistler Ice Cave Adventure. And it finally happened!

Bride and groom inside the helicopter ready to take off for their Whistler adventure elopement

Popularity of adventure elopements

Over the past few years, adventure elopements in the wilderness have been majorly growing in popularity. It’s no secret that we are falling head over heels for this trend! We mean, who doesn’t start dreaming of an epic wedding adventure once you see a jaw-dropping image of a bride and groom kissing on a mountaintop with the sun setting behind them!? Or by the pristine alpine lake? Or even in an ice cave??

Photos of bride and groom inside the helicopter

Choosing a location for your adventure wedding

Though we love weddings of all styles, we get a special sense of excitement when a couple contacts us with plans to elope in the wild. One of the biggest parts of our job is to help our couples find the most amazing locations for their elopement so they can have an unforgettable experience and create memories that they will never forget… not to mention unparalleled wedding photos to cherish for a lifetime!

Whistler Ice Cave

If you’ve been following along with us for a while, you’ll already know that we love living in beautiful Vancouver. We appreciate being just minutes away from the stunning BC wilderness. When it comes to choosing a location for an mountain elopement in British Columbia, the options are endless: west coast forests, beaches, mountaintops and and waterfalls… We really have it all here! Photographing a couple in love adventuring together is our passion. Wild places are our specialty.

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Of course, when it comes to adventure elopements we’ve got a million ideas! We want to offer truly unique experiences to our couples and to create exceptional images for them that are really one-of-a-kind. That is why the idea of adventure elopement in an ice cave had been on our minds for a long time. We really wanted to add Whistler ice caves to our list of unique locations for elopements in British Columbia. And it finally happened!

Groom is helping the bride to get off the helicopter in the mountains

Ice cave elopement in Whistler

Hiking into an ice cave may not be for everyone, and that’s totally ok! But when we met Emilia and Adam… something told us that they were about as crazy as we are! Needless to say, we jumped at the opportunity to photograph their Whistler ice cave elopement and began planning to make sure we made the most of this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Bride is crossing the creek to get to the location of their mountain elopement

Expectations vs Reality

When Emilia and Adam’s big day arrived, although we’d been anticipating it for weeks, we didn’t really know what to expect. After all, none of us had been to an ice cave before! We’d seen ice cave photos on Pinterest, but as we all know by now – Pinterest doesn’t always show the true reality. We’d seen the breathtaking images, but the adventure that it took to achieve them was wilder than we’d imagined!

Stunning Whistler Ice Cave

In reality, the adventure wouldn’t have been possible without the help of the helicopter pilot who was also our professional guide. After safely landing us at the ice fields, he led through the necessary safety protocols and our ice cave adventure began. We had to cross a few glacial streams and climb over rocks to get to the cave. It was cold, wet, and sometimes terrifying. But we did it! And – oh my god – it was worth it!

“It was my first time in a helicopter and inside an ice cave,” said our bride Emilia, “so I kept a clear mind and didn’t know what to expect. However, I don’t think any of us were mentally prepared for the fact that there was a crazy fast river of glacier water that we had to wade through; thank goodness for rubber boots! Words can’t really describe how incredible the ice cave was. I already want to go back!”

Unqiue elopement in the ice caves of Whistler

How it feels to be inside the ice cave

Stepping inside a crystal clear blue ice cave is something that you will simply never forget. With the river flowing below you and the sparkling curved dome of blue ice above, it’s not hard to become completely hypnotized by the striking beauty inside the cave. But… we had to stay focused so that we could pose the bride and groom and capture these images that we’d been dreaming of for so long!

Wedding portrait of the bride and groom in the wilderness of British Columbia

Looking back on this Whistler Ice Cave adventure, it really was one of our wildest ones yet. It was so much more than we expected, from the challenges of the location to a ton of editing afterwards. It was also so much more stunning than we could have ever imagined! We made some great memories and now we can’t stop thinking about when we’ll get a chance to go back. It was no easy task, but – as we’re sure you’ll agree after looking at these photos – it was so worth it!

Do these photos have you dreaming of your own ice cave elopement? Then let’s start planning it! Contact us soon – we’d love to help you make those dreams a reality.

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Unique elopement in the ice caves of British Columbia Bride is hugging the groom posing for their elopement photosDramatic photo of the bride and groom during their ice cave elopementBride in the wedding dress Rebekka by Rara Avis is holding a wedding bouquetBride and groom cuddling up in the ice caveWhistler Ice Cave elopementDramatic ice cave hidden in the mountains of British ColumbiaBride and groom are wearing rubber boots in the ice caveBride and groom having their wedding photos done in the ice caves of WhistlerWedding bouquet and shoes in the ice cave


Makeup & Hair: Faye Smith Agency
Floral design: Da Fiori Design
Wedding dress: Luxx Nova Bridal
Videography: Shyah K Films
Couple: Emilia & Adam