Squamish Heli Elopement

Adventurous and stunning intimate winter Squamish Heli Elopement of Caroline & Gurm in a secluded location in the Squamish River Valley.


Caroline and Gurm met through a mutual friend, but when they went on a trip to Thaliland with a group in 2015, they became very close.

They’ve always loved going on trips, and the couple had a trip planned to Tofino. Caroline had always wanted to go there and had talked about it with Gurm for a long time. When they arrived in Tofino there, the couple was too early to check into their hotel, so Gurm suggested they go to see Chesterman beach. As they were looking at the beautiful ocean, that’s when he popped the question!

Bride and groom in a helicopter flying to their intimate wedding in British ColumbiaLEADING TO THEIR HELI ELOPEMENT DAY IN SQUAMISH

Due to the pandemic, Caroline and Gurm had to reschedule their wedding four times. Then, they had the idea of having a Squamish heli elopement!

Their original plan for their heli elopement was to have an intimate wedding ceremony at the Tantalus Range mountains in Squamish. However, closer to their big day, the weather forecast wasn’t looking promising for being able to reach the mountains, but Caroline and Gurm were determined to get married no matter what! We love working with such brave and adventurous couples. At the end of the day, whether it’s rain or shine, it’s your day and no matter what happens, it’s part of your adventure!

Helicopter dashboard with the raindrops on the windshieldBACKUP PLAN FOR HELICOPTER WEDDINGS

Unfortunately, heli weddings don’t always go according to plan since they’re weather dependent. To ensure that your day goes smoothly, regardless of the weather, we always recommend having a backup plan.

If it’s cloudy or rainy, helicopters can still fly, but they can’t land on a mountain top. Instead, they can fly to a lower elevation location that’s below the clouds. Luckily, we had a backup plan for Caroline and Gurm’s elopement to fly to the Squamish river valley and have the ceremony there.Groom is helping his bride to get off the helicopter

As professional British Columbia adventure elopement photographers, we always have a backup plan for the backup plan. In the worst case scenario that the weather is terrible and a helicopter can’t fly at all, we always have a beautiful location in mind that can be reached by vehicle so the couple can get married no matter what.

Bride and groom are walking on the snowy ground to their wedding ceremony location on the river


As we expected, the weather wasn’t cooperating on the day of Caroline and Gurm’s Squamish heli elopement. When we met at the heli port, that pilot told us that we wouldn’t be able to reach the mountains. Thankfully, we had our backup plan in place! We flew to Squamish river valley instead. Although we hadn’t been to this location before, everyone was excited to see it. It certainly didn’t disappoint!

The location we chose at the Squamish river runs close to beautiful cliffs, which made the spot for the ceremony extremely gorgeous and secluded. Due to cold weather, the waterfalls on the cliffs had frozen over, which created a magical backdrop for Caroline and Gurm’s wedding. The ground was covered with snow and made the scene look like a winter fairytale.

Intimate helicopter wedding ceremony near the river with the stunning frozen waterfall backdrop

Their intimate ceremony was extremely sweet and was followed by a photo session in this exquisite location. At the end of the session, the couple popped a bottle of champagne to celebrate their marriage. It was an amazing adventure,  and we couldn’t be happier for the couple!

Stunning winter Squamish Heli Elopement


Simply because you’re eloping doesn’t mean that you can’t add personal touches to your wedding day! We always recommend thinking of some meaningful items that’ll make your elopement special. Caroline and Gurm did a fantastic job with that! Here are some ideas of how you can add a personal touch to your big day. These are small details, but they’ll make your wedding day more memorable and the photos will be more fun.

VOWS. Write your vows. Consider making or buying on Etsy a unique handmade book for vows.

SIGN. Make a cute “We eloped” sign to use it for your elopement announcement later.

CHAMPAGNE. Pop a bottle of champagne and celebrate your elopement!

MASKS. Make or buy matching masks. Don’t they look amazing?

Bride and groom reading their vows to each other during their outdoor adventure heli elopement in Squamish British ClumbiaBride and groom exchanging vows during their intimate winter outdoor wedding in CanadaSquamish Heli Elopement details Bride and groom are laughing during their weddingNewlywed couple is signing papers after their wedding ceremony in SquamishNewly married couple is taking selfie after their wedding ceremony in front of the helicpterSquamish Heli ElopementBride in white wedding dress hugging his groom posing in front of a beautiful frozen waterfall after their Squamish Helicopter ElopementSquamish Heli ElopementBride and groom are posing for their wedding photos near Squamish river in front of a frozen waterfallBride and groom holding hands and walking on the snowBride and groom are holding the sign We eloped in their hands, Squamish Heli WeddingAdventure winter helicopter wedding in SquamishBride and groom are popping up the bottle of champagne after their wedding ceremonyBride and groom celebrating their marriage with the bottle of chanpagneBride and groom celebrating their marriageBride and groom kissing in fron of a blue helicopter


Makeup & Hair: Rita from The Love Team
Wedding dress: Luxx Nova Bridal
Officiant: Tracy Kerr
Florals: Bloom Assembly