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        queen elizabeth park engagement

        Snow Engagement Vancouver | Wedding Photography Vancouver
        December 2016

        Snow Engagement Vancouver | Wedding Photography Vancouver. Being very busy with our photography life, sometimes we get so excited that we can forget that there is another life going on – our personal life. This often happens in exciting lines of work, that don’t seem like work anymore. It’s your life! Recently here at Karizma Photography Wedding Photography Vancouver, however, we were reminded that photographing a bride and being a bride is not the same at all! Recently, we got a chance to celebrate the engagement of Natalia, who met her fiancé Nick just over two years ago, on New Years Day in the year 2015.

        Because Natalia is behind the camera so often, she had not initially planned an engagement photo session for herself. Having a photographer for a sister, however, can bring forth exciting ideas from time to time. Vancouver residents are used to the rainy weather, but it is rare to find a perfectly snowy day in the wintertime. One December morning, shortly after the engagement, the city of Vancouver had been beautifully covered in snow. While having her morning coffee, Tatiana looked out the window, and thought the blanket of white snow to be a perfect background for an engagement session. Luckily, Tatiana knew someone who had recently become engaged 🙂 Tatiana, Natalia, and Nick decided to drive the city, and eventually agreed to stop at Queen Elizabeth Park to take a photograph. The completely untouched white backdrop, and sparkling snow covered trees, were perfect with the couples’ coordinating denim, and cream colored sweaters.

        Now, Natalia is excited to plan her wedding, after many years of being on the other side of the lens. As Karizma Photography always says, we have a very close family. Every wedding we photograph is very emotional for us, as it involves a lot of touchy moments between the newlyweds, as well as the parents and siblings. We can’t wait to see how beautiful and touching Natalia and Nick’s wedding is going to be for us.

        If you are wondering if Tatiana is going to photograph Natalia’s wedding – the answer is no. Tatiana will be a designated crier on her wedding day, and there is no way that Natalia will let her work on the day for which everyone has been waiting. Now – let’s find mountains, mountains, and a few more mountains – and get Natalia and Nick married. Finally, Natalia’s dream is coming true! Hope you will enjoy photos from Natalia and Nick’s Snow Engagement Vancouver.

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        Karizma Photography specializes in destination weddings, mountain weddings, engagement sessions, adventure photography and creative wedding photography. Karizma Photography is based in Vancouver but available for adventure and creative photo sessions as well as for destination weddings not only in British Columbia, but all over Canada and all over the world! As creative Wedding Photography Vancouver we will happily spend hours hiking to a beautiful locations in British Columbia and Alberta – Whistler, Jasper, Lake Louise, Banff, or fly across the world to Hawaii, Cuba, Mexico, Dominican Republic or any other destination to capture something we are passionate about.


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