Unique Sand Dunes Elopement in British Columbia

If you’re looking for a unique wedding experience that you will be talking about for years to come, then a sand dunes elopement in British Columbia could be the perfect wedding plan for you!

When planning out a big wedding, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with an onslaught of different options such as venues, cake flavors, colors, guest lists and invitation styles. Yet, if you and your partner feel the most alive when you’re wandering the great outdoors, then an elopement in British  Columbia instead if a big wedding may be a great option for you! If you’re searching for a unique adventure elopement experience that will offer wedding photos unlike ones you’ve seen before, then an adventurous outdoor wedding in a gorgeous location like sand dunes of BC is the right choice for you.

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Bride and groom are walking holding hands in the tall dry grass with the rolling hills on the background

How To Choose Your Unique Elopement Location

Once you decide that you want to hold your wedding outdoors, the next thing you need to consider is the kind of backdrop you want to have. If you’re a fan of your hair blowing in the wind with endless amounts of soft sand in the background and warn, desert sunny vibes, then choosing a sand dune elopement BC is the route for you. Sand dunes create the perfect backdrop for wedding photos because they allow for the couple to stand out with their outfits’ colors in the foreground. If you’re someone who loves the idea of (literally) being on top of the world on your wedding day, then choose a mountain top weddings. No matter where you envision your wedding taking place, be sure you choose an elopement adventure that makes you feel like yourselves and takes your breath away.

Sand Dunes elopement in British Columbia

As professional British Columbia elopement photographers, there’s nothing we love more than helping couples create their unique wedding adventures. We love the moment when couples get to see their elopement photos for the first time and they can’t stop talking about the location. Normally our couples can’t stop exclaiming how the backdrop of the location was fantastic. They’ll cherish their adventure wedding forever. For us, choosing the perfect elopement location in BC is a huge portion of crafting a couple’s dream wedding.

Eloping In The Sand Dunes Of British Columbia

Admittedly, when you first think of BC, sand dunes are probably not the first kind of scenery that comes to your mind. More than likely, you immediately imagine British Columbia’s mountains and the beautiful valleys that accompany them. However, if you’re wanting unique scenery that people never associate with British Columbia, then sand dunes could be the way to go! Southern Okanagan isn’t the only place in Canada that can boast having this magnificent landscape! Sand dunes in BC can be found only 500 km north of Vancouver, making them a relatively easy destination to reach.

Bride and groom are running in the yellow grass fields with rolling rills on the background

Sand Dunes Styled Shoot

As BC adventure elopement photographers, we’ve photographed elopements and small weddings in multiple gorgeous locations across British Columbia. We’ve seen many beautiful sceneries across the province. But when we went to visit the sand dunes north of Vancouver for the first time we were absolutely in awe!

Sand Dunes Elopement in British Columbia

Where the idea of the sand dunes shoot came from

In the beginning of September, Natalia planned out a birthday road trip.  She made sure that the sand dunes were included as a part of the itinerary to scout them out. Right away, she knew that we had to start offering this location as an opportunity for our couples to have their elopement at! She showed the photos to Tatiana after the trip. Tatiana was immediately sold on the idea as well.

We knew that we wanted to have a trial run of setting up our equipment and shooting in the sand dunes. So we decided it’d be best to do a styled shoot there. We finally managed to find the perfect adventurous couple who was willing to drive the distance for the photos! We managed to coordinate with them for a sunny day so we could present the dunes in all their glory.

Sand Dunes Elopement in British Columbia

How this unique elopement shoot went

After we parked our vehicles at the trailhead, we hiked for about 30 minutes to reach the dunes. Although we’d come to see the dunes, even the hike was gorgeous! That is why we decided to start shooting photos of our couple before we even managed to reach our final destination! The hike to the dunes leads through fields of flowing grasses with rolling hills in the background. With scenery like that, who can blame us for the photography detour!

Once we reached the dunes, we had an absolute blast photographing Katerina and Dmitry. The couple was the ultimate pair to work with for shooting at the dune. And the contrast that the sand dunes created with their attire was stunning. To cap off the day, we even got the couple to pop a bottle of champagne at sunset!

Couple is standing on the edge looking at the river

Tips For Your Perfect Sand Dunes Wedding In British Columbia

If you think that sand dunes of BC would create a wonderful backdrop for your dream elopement, then get in touch with us! We’ll help you craft your Sand Dunes Elopement for every step of the way.

Consider the tips below as you plan out your sand dunes elopement:

  • Have your photos taken at sunset.
  • Bring two pairs of shoes with you. You’ll want to have one pair of comfortable shoes for the walk to the dunes and then another pair for the photo session. We’d suggest flats or sandals.
  • Be prepared to be barefoot on the sand.
  • Bring lots of water.
  • Bring sunscreen (trust us on this one).
  • For ladies, wear a light & long flowy dress with a subtle color that looks great against the color of the dunes.


Floral design: Da Firoi Design
Bride’s dress: Hannah Tikkanen

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