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        Joffre Lakes Engagement

        Joffre Lakes Engagement |  Wedding Photography Vancouver
        July 2017

        Bride and Groom

        Joffre Lakes Engagement | Wedding Photography Vancouver. In a strange turn of events, Olivia and Brad made engagement photo history to be one of just a few couples we know that got their engagement pictures done after their wedding. Normally, couples get engaged, plan their engagement session, get to know us as their photographers, and then have the wedding. However, these two already had in mind where they wanted their pictures done and the timing with the snowy winters just didn’t allow time for it to happen before their June wedding.

        Engagement Session

        Their engagement session which actually turned out to be a post wedding session was in one of the most scenic and naturally gorgeous places in BC – Joffre Lakes. The reasons the session didn’t work out before the wedding was because there was so much snow and the lakes were all frozen. They wanted to really enjoy their pictures with the beautiful teal water as it flowed and splashed.

        To say these images turned out well would be an understatement. Joffre Lakes is not only an incredible place, but the hike to get there is also incredible. Not to mention that it’s actually pretty easy to reach as well. The hiking trail goes right by all three picturesque lakes. As per their request, Oliva and Brad skipped the lower lake. So we went straight to the upper lakes for their images and stayed there for the majority of the session. The icy blue water, the snow-capped mountains in the distance, and the outfits that Brad and Olivia chose all contrasted so perfectly. To top off this session, we had to make our way to the middle of the lake where the famous log juts out into the water.

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