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        Joffre Lakes Adventure Session || Wedding Photography Vancouver

        About bride and groom

        Joffre Lakes Adventure Session || Wedding Photography Vancouver. Carmela and Baheer met in 2007 on the islands of Nevis and St. Kitts while completing their premedical course. During that time, they met and hit it off and have been together since February of 2007. Baheer was her chemistry tutor, so in exchange for help with her courses, Carmela cooked tasty Italian food for him! Although they met on the islands, they were both originally from Toronto, Ontario.

        Baheer waited until Carmela got accepted into a medical residency program. So three short days after her acceptance into UBC, he finally popped the question. Baheer bought the diamonds and had the ring designed with professional jewelers for her engagement ring two years earlier though, because he was sure she was the one. He surprised her with a trip to Niagra Falls in March of 2018, claiming it was a celebration of her new job and recent move across the country.

        Planned without her knowledge, they took a walk around 9 pm. During the walk, they happened to pass another couple walking, and Baheer stopped them to ask for a picture. While he handed them his phone, he tricked Carmela into reaching for a “tissue,” in his pocket and she felt the ring and pulled it out. It was then and there, with three surprised people – Carmela and the couple taking the pictures – that he asked her to be his wife!


        They chose a beautiful location for their Joffre Lakes Adventure Session because they wanted it to be unique and unforgettable. Joffre Lakes is one of the most famous spots and unique is an understatement! We already photographed engagement session there, but we are always happy to come back here again and again.

        When we arrived at the trail head we were so surprised to find a winter wonderland while it was still fall in the city. White snow dusted on the forest trees and crisp cold air made for a, literally, breathtaking scene! The mountains, the turquoise lakes, and the beautiful forest were incredible. Their Joffre Lakes Adventure Session was the perfect setup for their wedding ceremony later that day.

        Joffre Lakes Adventure Session

        Carmela and Baheer were so easy to work with. Though these two admitted they don’t enjoy hiking very much, they were willing to start early to avoid the crowd in the area, to hike up to the third lake. Plus, it was so cold once we got up there! But these two rocked it! Truly adventurous couple!

        All in all, with such a fun and great-looking couple, plus the stunning views, Joffre Lakes Adventure Session was nothing short of amazing. These two braved the cold because they wanted to capture beautiful photos. We wish them the best for their big wedding celebration in Toronto and their future together as husband and wife.

        Joffre Lakes Adventure SessionJoffre Lakes Adventure SessionJoffre Lakes Adventure Session Joffre Lakes Adventure SessionJoffre Lakes Adventure Session

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