How To Get Married In 2021

If you are wondering how to get married in 2021 with all this chaos going on, well, have an elopement instead! Read this most for more ideas of How To Get Married In 2021.

Why You Shouldn’t Cancel Your 2021 Wedding

2020 has been tough on so many people in so many ways, including couples who had plans to be married earlier this year or have plans to be married early next year. We’re heartbroken to see couples postponing their large weddings or cancel them completely for the time being because of the coronavirus pandemic. Many couples are struggling to change their 2021 wedding plans. They are left in limbo about when they might finally be able to be married.

Yet, if you’re considering cancelling your 2021 wedding, you should consider a different avenue for getting married instead. Instead of a large 2021 wedding, consider holding a small and intimate elopement ceremony.

Bride in a blush dress and groom in a suit celebrating their marriage in the mountains with a bottle of champagne

Even though COVID-19 has turned the world upside down and has affected so many couples’ plans, we know that LOVE IS NOT CANCELLED. Now, more than ever, is the time to try and find moments of hope and jubilation when everything else is in a state of upheaval.

We realize exactly how devastating it is to replan your big day when you’ve already spent exorbitant amounts of time planning it. Although, you can’t have the large wedding you envisioned right now, that doesn’t mean that you should put your marriage on hold. There is a way to get married in 2021. Instead of having a big wedding, you should consider pivoting your wedding plans and HAVE A BEAUTIFUL ELOPEMENT CEREMONY.

How To Get Married In 2021

Have A Breathtaking 2021 Elopement Instead

Big gatherings are banned in the era of covid and your friends or family may be unable to make it to your ceremony because of travel restrictions. But it doesn’t mean that you have to completely cancel your wedding. Believe us, YOU ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE. If you can’t imagine postponing saying your vows and cementing your commitment to your partner, then you should have a 2021 elopement ceremony.

You’re most likely wondering, what is an elopement ceremony? Although the “technical” definition of an elopement is “running away” to a distant location and getting married without telling anyone, we define eloping differently. As professional British Columbia adventure elopement photographers, we define elopement as: when a couple decides to celebrate their marriage with 10 invited guests or less. For couples who desire for it to be “just them,” photographers can act as the witnesses in an elopement ceremony. We consider elopement as a personal, intimate, authentic and romantic way to get married.

Elopements are becoming more popular now since there is so much uncertainty around the rules for big gatherings related to covid. What might be the rule for the number of people who can get together one day is completely different a few weeks later. Elopements are also becoming more popular because they’re small gatherings that usually take place outdoors, in a covid-safe environment.

Bride and groom standing on the rocks inside the whistler ice cave during their adventure elopement

Benefits Of Eloping

Although an elopement is a wonderful and unique experience, it’s not the right wedding ceremony for every couple. Below, we’ve compiled some of the benefits to consider if you’re on the fence about deciding to elope.

Eloping is a “just us” experience

Elopements are for the couples who tend to value experiences over things. When you choose an elopement, you have the freedom to make the day 100% about you and your partner. You can focus more on your experience together instead of worrying about appeasing guests and ensure that everyone else is having a good time. Instead, you can have an intimate day with your partner, doing what feels right for you two. You relieve yourself of the expectations that others might have for you.

Your elopement photos will be one of a kind

Although each wedding day is special to that specific couple, you’ve probably noticed that a lot of your friend’s wedding photos have very similar aesthetics in their venues and poses. With large weddings, you’re boxed in (to a certain extent) to pick a particular kind of venue. From there, it can be difficult for a photographer to make your wedding look different from other couples’.

With an elopement though, that isn’t the case. Since you don’t have to book a large venue, you have the flexibility and freedom to choose a backdrop that’s unlike any other. Which means that your photos will be completely different to any of your friends’.

Bride and groom are popping up a bottle of champagne in sand dunes during their elopement

Elopements don’t need a proper venue

The beauty of an elopement ceremony is that you have an endless amount of options for where you’re able to have your ceremony. Due to this, elopements can happen anywhere – on a mountaintop or secluded beach, by a river or glacier, or in an ice-cave! With an elopement, the destination for the ceremony can take place wherever you want. And you don’t have to worry about putting down a hefty deposit for a wedding venue.

Since elopement ceremonies require minimal setup (if they need any at all), the opportunities for your ceremony location are open to your imagination.

No rules for elopements

One of the best things about an elopement wedding is that there aren’t any rules! You can do whatever fits best with you and your partner. If you want to wear a pantsuit, instead of a white dress – do it! If you want to sip champagne while you sit in a hot springs pool – just go for it! Dreaming about having a mountaintop picnic after exchanging your vows? Plan out a helicopter elopement adventure and make your dream a reality!

Bride and groom exchanging rings standing on the cliff with stunning mountain views during their mountain elopement in british columbia

You’ll have time to enjoy the day

An elopement gives you the freedom to take the day at your own pace. It allows for more time to savor  special moments and shared emotions. It also creates more opportunities for these moments to be captured by your photographers.

You get to spend the whole day focused on your loved one. Instead of following a strict timeline, where you are rushing from the ceremony to the reception dinner along with speeches and a first dance, you can take the whole day slow. For example, if you were to choose a helicopter elopement, your day could go like this. You enjoy breakfast that you cooked together, you leisurely get ready. Then you catch your helicopter and have the ceremony at your beautiful mountain top location. You can then have a nice mountain top picnic with stunning views afterwards. Once your helicopter returns to town, you and your new spouse could wrap up the day by getting dinner at a local restaurant or cooking marshmallows by a campfire.

Don't cancel your 2021 wedding, you still can get married by having an elopement

Far less planning than a traditional wedding

Even with elopement ceremonies, there’s still a certain level of planning that’s involved. However, it ends up being far less than what goes into planning a large ceremony. Instead of endlessly trying to coordinate bridesmaids dresses to perfectly match the flowers that also match the tablecloths and napkins, you’ll simply be having an amazing time planning out the logistics of where you want your elopement to take place. You’ll be able to feel excited instead of overwhelmed as you plan out one of the most meaningful days of your life.

No need to have an extensive guest list

Some elopement ceremonies include the couples’ intimate family or closest friends. However, in a lot of elopements, it consists of only the couple, the officiant, and the photographer (who often acts as the witness.) This doesn’t mean you can’t invite your parents if you want to. But generally speaking, the guest list is far more casual than what’s expected for a wedding. No seating chart required here!

Bride and groom are posing for their photos near the ice cave in whistler

What Activities Can You Do For Your Elopement?

There are no rules when it comes to eloping! So the list of activities you can do for your elopement are endless. Here’s a few examples of what your elopement could be.

Adventure Weddings

An adventure elopement is an intimate wedding ceremony combined with an incredible adventure and unique unforgettable experience. Adventure weddings usually take place in the great outdoors – on a mountain top or sand dune, by a glacier, waterfall or alpine lake, or in an ice cave. They can involve different types of activities like kayaking, off-roading, snowboarding, ATVs, snow mobiles, bikes or hot balloons – whatever best embodies the activities you and your partner enjoy most. Adventure elopements allow for you to mix the activities you both love to do in your free time into your wedding day.

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Bride and groom with backpacks walking near the green alpine lake

Helicopter Elopements

A helicopter elopement is an elopement that involves a helicopter ride to a remote location. This could be a mountaintop, alpine lake, glacier, or ice cave. Having a Heli-Wedding is the perfect way to celebrate your relationship while having an amazing adventure at the same time.

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Whistler helicopter elopement

Hiking Elopements

If you’re an outdoorsy couple, you know the peace, presence, and pure joy that being in nature brings. Sometimes, the best way to reach a beautiful view and exchange your vows away from the crowds is on two feet. That’s why hiking can be the perfect activity to give you the outdoor elopement experience of your dreams. Hiking is the ultimate way to add a little adventure to your elopement. Hiking elopements grant you access to more secluded and exclusive locations. If you are wondering how photos from hiking elopement can turn out check these post about mountain elopement Vancouver and mountain elopements in BC.

Bride and groom walking hand in hand near beautiful green alpine lake

Does A 2021 Elopement Ceremony Sound Like You?

If having an elopement ceremony sounds like it’d fit well with you and your partner, DON’T CANCEL YOUR 2021 WEDDING. We live in British Columbia – one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Opportunities for beautiful and scenic elopements here are endless. As British Columbia adventure elopement photographers, we’ve already photographed numerous elopements and small weddings here in BC. We’d be happy to help you plan your dream elopement! Let’s chat about your adventure elopement!

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