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        Helicopter Weddings and Elopements

        Helicopter Weddings and Elopements || Wedding Photography Vancouver


        Helicopter Weddings and Elopements. Not too long ago, when a couple ‘eloped’ it was safe to assume that they skipped town and came back married, usually entirely in secret. Or it might have meant that they went to the courthouse for a rushed afternoon ceremony. But what does the word ‘elopement’ mean in 2020? We’ve certainly seen an increased number of elopements in the past few years. But these days most elopements are nothing like the Las Vegas-style drive-thru weddings that you see in the movies.

        Modern elopements have become an adventurous and romantic alternative to a traditional wedding. Rather than pouring months and months of energy into planning a giant party with a ton of details to coordinate, an elopement is an opportunity to keep your focus on the most important aspect of your wedding: the love that you and your partner share. Without all of the party details and without a hundred guests to worry about, when you elope, your focus can remain on the lifelong commitment that you’re making, which results in an incredibly intimate wedding ceremony. Eloping puts 100% of the focus on the marriage, the moment and the love between two people, and away from everything else that could distract from it.

        Helicopter Weddings and Elopements

        So if elopements are no longer limited to courtroom weddings and sneaky getaways, what does the modern elopement look like? Well, here in BC where we’re surrounded by some of the most incredible natural beauty you could imagine, many couples are opting for Helicopter Weddings and Elopements. Imagine just you and your significant other getting married on top of a mountain overlooking an expansive wilderness… doesn’t that sound amazing!? Of course, you’re not limited to mountain tops! With your own private helicopter pilot, there are also ice caves, glaciers, waterfalls, rivers, streams, lakes, and sandy beaches to choose from, all completely secluded for your intimate vows.

        We may be biased, but we think that British Columbia is one of the most amazing wedding destinations in the world. And when you’re looking beyond typical wedding venues and into the breathtaking wilderness that surrounds Vancouver, your options for intimate Helicopter Weddings and Elopements are truly endless. Every time we get to hop in a helicopter for an elopement, we fall in love with BC all over again!

        We’d love to chat with you about your dreams for an adventurous and romantic elopement – contact us today to get the planning started.


        Photography: Karizma Photography
        Makeup & Hair: Faye Smith Agency
        Floral design: Da Fiori Design
        Wedding dress: Luxx Nova Bridal
        Videography: Shyah K Films
        Couple: Emilia & Adam


        Karizma Photography specializes in creative wedding photography, destination and mountain weddings, engagement and adventure sessions. Karizma Photography is based in Vancouver. We are also available for adventure and creative photo sessions not only in British Columbia but all over the world! As creative Wedding Photography Vancouver, we will happily spend hours hiking to beautiful locations in British Columbia and Alberta. We will fly across the world to Hawaii, Iceland, Mexico, or any other destinations to capture something we are passionate about.



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