How to Plan Your Helicopter Wedding

Planning out an adventure helicopter wedding is perfect for you if you’re looking for a unique experience for your wedding day while visiting multiple locations. You’ll get incredible photos of your special day with breathtaking scenery in the background! However, planning out a heli elopement is different than planning out a “normal” wedding because of certain logistics that are involved. Luckily, we’re here to help you plan out every part of your adventure wedding so it’ll go off without a hitch!

Couple holding hands a few minutes before the start of their helicopter wedding adventure

What Is A Helicopter Wedding?

A helicopter wedding is an adventurous way to celebrate your love with your partner on an unforgettable day. You and your partner will take a breathtaking helicopter flight to a majestic location where you will have your intimate mountaintop wedding ceremony and photo session in the mountains. These locations have remained extremely scenic because they’re remote; you’d be unable to reach these locations by foot, car, or any other means of transportation.

Smiling newlywed couple is getting out of the helicopter on the mountaintop during their helicopter wedding

Why You Should Have A Helicopter Elopement

Frankly, helicopter weddings and elopements are AMAZING! A helicopter ride makes it simple to have a spectacular mountaintop wedding without the need to hike. It’s perfect for couples who love the great outdoors and crave adventure. Heli elopements are more than a wedding ceremony; they’re an adventure within themselves. They provide a unique, intimate, and unforgettable wedding experience. What could be better than saying your vows in a secluded location surrounded by mountain peaks? 

Mountaintop elopements and weddings in Whistler British Columbia

7 Steps To Plan Your Perfect Heli Wedding

It can seem a little intimidating to plan a heli wedding. However, the truth is that it isn’t difficult to plan out at all! Check out these seven steps to help you plan your mountaintop marriage without stress. And remember, at Karizma Photography, we’ll be there for you to help guide you through the entire process!

Bride and groom walking on rocks near the blue glacier in the mountains of Whistler

Step 1: Choose a location for your heli elopement

This can be one of the hardest steps when you’re planning your helicopter wedding. In British Columbia, there are so many beautiful places where you can say your vows! If you’re unsure where to start looking, we suggest checking out our Pinterest boards or our blog posts to find inspiration. Think of what types of scenery you gravitate towards – mountaintops, alpine lakes, west coast style valley, glaciers, or even ice caves.

Bride and groom are standing by the helicopter with the impressive glacier on the background

The type of scenery you pick will determine which helicopter company you work with because each company flies to different destinations. Check out our blog post about Helicopter Elopement BC for more information about the most popular heliports in British Columbia. 

One more thing to keep in mind; a helicopter can’t fly to any location you point at on a map. There are specific rules and restrictions for landing in different locations. Different helicopter companies have different landing permits, so this also affects where you’ll be able to travel to on your wedding day. 

Mountain top snowy winter helicopter wedding in Beautiful British Columbia

Step 2: Decide on the number of guests

An elopement style of wedding means that you’ll have a very intimate wedding celebration. Most couples choose to be just them for their elopement. However, it’s common to include only family members or your closest friends on your guest list. An important thing to consider as you’re planning out your guest list for a heli wedding is that the number of people you invite will be dependent on the number of people a helicopter can hold or you have to decide how many helicopters you’re willing to hire for the day. 

Bride and groom posing for wedding photos on the cliffs with stunning views of the mountains and Princess Louisa Inlet

Some smaller helicopters, like a R-44, can only carry 3 passengers; some bigger models, like an A-Star, can carry 5 passengers. The breakdown for these 5 passengers is normally officiant, you and your partner, one photographer and a second photographer/ videographer. When you’re booking your flight, make sure you don’t have to leave one of your photographers behind.

If you want to bring any guests with you then, you’ll need to hire more than one helicopter. Your budget and the number of guests you want to bring will determine the size of the second or may be even third helicopter you rent. 

Also, for a wedding to be a legal ceremony in BC, you require two witnesses. In the case of a five person flight, one can be your pilot and the other can be your photographer. 

Useful tips of how to plan adventurous helicopter wedding

Step 3: Pick a date of your heli wedding

Weekdays are always preferable because there are fewer crowds, less traffic, and a higher chance that your vendor will be available than there would be if you were trying to book them on a weekend. When you’re struggling to decide between the seasons, think about the scenery and the atmosphere you’d like to have. If you’re leaning towards icy snowy vibes, then winter and the early spring are the right seasons for you. If you prefer a background that has more greenery, longer days, and an amazing sunset, we recommend that you consider summer time.

Tips to plan your unique adventure helicopter wedding

Step 4: Choose a helicopter package

Usually a helicopter flight to a location only takes 5-25 minutes. The landing time can vary from 45-90 minutes depending on the package that you choose. The number of landings you can have in a day also depends on your package.  We’ll help you create a timeline so you’ll be able to make the most out of your wedding day. 

Adventure heli wedding in the mountains in Squamish, Canada

Step 5: Book your vendors

Once you pick your date and location, it’s time to book your vendors. Besides the photographer and the helicopter company, you may want to hire an officiant, videographer, make-up artist, florist, and even a caterer (if you’re planning a mountaintop picnic). We’ll be happy to give you our recommendations for incredible wedding professions that we trust and enjoy working with. When you’re booking your vendor, keep in mind that you might have an extra travel fee associated with the final costs if the vendor isn’t local. For all of Karizma Photography’s adventure elopement and helicopter elopement packages, there are no additional costs for our personal travel anywhere in British Columbia. 

Bride and groom in the mountains

Step 6: Prepare a backup plan

Unfortunately, at this step, we have to face reality. Helicopter flights are weather dependent, and so your helicopter elopement depends on the weather as well. Weather in the mountains can change in a moment, which can cause last minute flight cancellations. 

Bride and groom enjoying their helicopter flight to their mountain elopement in British Columbia

If the weather conditions don’t allow for a helicopter to take flight, there are a couple of other options available. Depending on the forecast, you might need to wait until the weather clears and taking a flight is possible. When fog or clouds cover the mountains and don’t appear to be dissipating, a pilot might suggest that you consider a location with lower elevation (such as a valley location). Sometimes you can cancel the flight option of your elopement and travel to spectacular scenery by ground instead. You can’t change the weather, but you can be prepared with a solid backup plan. 

Planning a helicopter wedding is easier than you think

Being professional adventure elopement and heli weddings photographers, we’ll be happy to help you come up with a backup plan so your wedding day will go smoothly no matter what!

Step 7: Enjoy your unforgettable adventure helicopter elopement experience

You might be wondering why we even included this step in our post! The answer is that we think this is one of the most important steps! 

Couple is walking on the show in the mountains during their adventure elopement in British Columbia

Too often couples get so stressed when they’re planning their big day, that they’re exhausted by the time their wedding day arrives. They worry so much about how things will go and if everything will go according to plan. That’s why we say to forget about all that stress on your wedding day! Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and leave all the worries behind! Don’t let small things distract you from the most anticipated, happy, wonderful, emotional, and adventurous day of your life! Love, laugh, enjoy each other, embrace the adventure, and soak in every moment of your incredible elopement experience! This day will pass in a blink of an eye, so make sure you get the most out of it. 

Helicopter wedding photos in the mountains

Follow the seven steps above, and you’ll find that planning out a helicopter wedding is easier than you ever imagined. If you need help planning your special day, reach out to us! We’re always happy to help you plan out your memorable wedding day.

Bride and groom are walking on the rocks in the mountains holding hands