Helicopter Elopement BC

Maria and Marco recently had an unforgettable wedding experience with their helicopter elopement BC! The couple came to us to help them create the perfect mountaintop wedding and take photographs to capture their magical moment!

Bride and groom praying before getting into helicopter

Leading Up To Their Heli Wedding

Guys first met while Maria was working at Marco’s family business. Maria worked in the office and Marco worked in the warehouse. Marco’s uncle saw a possible spark between the two and would make the pair eat lunch with him everyday. “Eventually he stopped coming,” Maria recalls, “but we didn’t care. Four and a half years later in Italy in 2019, Marco asked me to marry him!”

The couple loves to watch movies together and hang out with one another’s family. They define themselves as not taking anything too seriously and love to make jokes together. One of the more serious parts of their relationship is their relationship to Christ. They go to church together every Sunday. Maria believes that, “our faith in Christ has brought us together more than anything.”

Bride and groom in helicopter on the way to their Helicopter Elopement BC

Planning Their Custom Mountain Elopement In British Columbia

Maria first found us on Pinterest. She fell in love with the idea of being married in the mountains of BC. After discussing possible ideas with them, Maria and Marco decided to have a helicopter wedding in Whistler!

The couple’s helicopter elopement BC will always be unforgettable! But Maria and Marco’s day started on rocky grounds. The helicopter’s pilot said the chances of flying that day were low due to nasty weather. However, Maria and Marco decided to cross their fingers and take their chances. They got ready for their mountain elopement in the Whistler Village. Later on, they headed to the Whistler heliport as if nothing was amiss. The couple ended up being so fortunate! As soon as they arrived at the heliport, the weather began to clear! Guys kept their heads up the whole time about the possible weather mishaps and didn’t let the uncertainty of the weather spoil one part of their helicopter elopement BC!

Pemberton Ice Cap - view from helicopter

The first stop of the couple’s mountain wedding photography shoot took place in the mountain’s ice caves because this was a part of their wedding dream. Maria and Marco took some time exploring the caves while we captured photos of the beautiful bride and groom!

Next, the helicopter took the couple to a mountaintop that overlooked a glacier. This is where Maria and Marco exchanged their rings and their vows! It was an emotional and intimate ceremony.

Adventurous couple crossing creek in the mountains

Spectacular Heli Wedding Experience

As one of the most beautiful provinces in Canada, British Columbia offers an endless amount of amazing scenery at mountaintops, glaciers, waterfalls, hidden alpine lakes or ice-caves! The opportunities are unlimited when it comes to Helicopter Elopement BC! If you and your partner can’t decide on the exact scenery you want for your wedding then a helicopter elopement BC could be the perfect solution! You’ll be able to travel to different breathtaking view points during your elopement. There will be a chance to have the most amazing photos with different backgrounds.

Bride and groom walking in the mountains holding hands

Popular Heliports In British Columbia

There are three most popular taking-off spots for helicopter elopements on the west coast of the province: Pitt Meadows, Squamish and Whistler.

  1. Pitt Meadows: Only 45 minutes from Vancouver, this is the perfect takeoff point for your heli wedding if you’re having a reception in Vancouver in the evening and want to save on travel time. Locations  near Pitt Meadows may include glacier creek bed, lake side or mountaintop, and various elevations between.
  2. Squamish: A little bit of a further drive from downtown Vancouver at 1h 10 mins, Squamish is the heliport for you if you’re looking to be married in the Tantalus Range Mountains or at a spot overlooking the stunning Serratus Glacier.
  3. Whistler: Although a 2 hour drive from Vancouver, we believe Whistler is the best spot to have your helicopter wedding experience. If you take off from Whistler you’ll have a stunning mountains and a large choice of locations for your heli elopement. Some of the possibilities include: Rainbow Glacier, Beverly Lake, Ipsoot Glacier, and many more. If you’re more adventurous (Like Maria and Marco!) you can even have your wedding in an ice cave! Whistler is also an excellent take off point for the number of amenities it can offer. The accommodation options to get ready for your small mountaintop wedding are fantastic. And the choice of restaurants to celebrate your elopement after helicopter adventure is great.

Mountain Helicopter Elopement BC

We can help you craft your elopement adventure

As British Columbia helicopter elopement photographers we’ve photographed numerous helicopter elopements in recent years. We were honored to create amazing adventure helicopter elopement for Marya and David, we documented Ashika and Ryan’s helicopter small wedding and engagement, helicopter pre-wedding session for a couple from Hong Kong. Here in Karizma Photography we know exactly how to help you craft the wedding day that you always have dreamed of! We will ensure that you have a beautiful unforgettable mountaintop wedding adventure!

Bride and groom walking into the ice cave in Pemberton British ColumbiaBride and groom posing for their weding photos in Ice Cave in Pemberton British ColumbiaBride and groom looking at the glacierHelicopter Elopement BCPortraits of the bride and groomHelicopter Elopement BC British ColumbiaGroom kissing bride's nose during their intimate wedding in the mountainsHelicopter flight over the glacier in Whistler, CanadaBride and groom sitting next to the helicoper at the top of the mountainIntimate mountaintop wedding ceremony in WhistlerExchanging rings on the top of the mountain in Whistler, British ColumbiaHelicopter Elopement BCBride and groom in the mountains of WhistlerHappy bride and groom walking in the mountainsBride and groom exploring the mountainsHelicopter Elopement BCBride and groom are walking in the mountains during their helicopter wedding in WhistlerHelicopter Elopement BC