Garibaldi Lake Adventure Session

Bride and Groom

Garibaldi Lake Adventure Session. Cara-Lee and Scott met through a mutual friend’s 90s-themed birthday party years ago, but this love story doesn’t start as romantically as you might think! Cara-lee spent most of the night ignoring and trying to avoid Scotty until he got up the courage to ask her for a slow dance. She accepted the dance request but promptly left the party once the song was over!

Scotty wasn’t going down that easily. He tracked her down on Instagram and asked her for a real date, and the rest was history. They may have had a rocky start to their relationship, but these two are so happy together now. A short while later, Cara-Lee’s sister had her wedding, and during the bouquet toss, Scotty surprised Cara-Lee and everyone else at the wedding. He got down on one knee and asked Cara-lee to marry him! She said yes, and the planning started.

Hiking Engagement Session

For their engagement session, they wanted hiking, outdoors, and scenic natural views. These fit perfectly with Cara-Lee’s dream and favorite location – Garibaldi Lake. Since they desired a natural setting, this season caused a few problems that this couple dealt with gracefully. We had to reschedule this Garibaldi Lake Adventure Session numerous times due to rainy days and wildfire smoke.

Couple Photography Session At Garibaldi Lake

These two stuck it out, and it was definitely worth it. Everything finally fell into place, and the fall colors were bright, the sun was shining, and the sky was clear. Definitely worth the wait. At the start of the session, we met at the trailhead at 8 am to start the hike up. Two and a half hours later we finally arrived at the lake.

Once we reached the top, we were all in awe. The reflection of beautiful mountains on the glassy water on the lake’s surface was just perfect! It was breathtaking. After the hike, we relaxed, and these two changed into the outfits for photos, and we all explored together and took so many pictures. They were both so relaxed and easy to work with, and it made our job so much easier. They loved everything about their Garibaldi Lake Adventure Session, and there was something special being outdoors in such a stunning area.

Photographing Adventure Sessions in The Mountains

Mountains are our specialty! We love being outdoor. And we love photographing couples how enjoy being in the nature like we do. Feel free to check other mountain photography sessions we’ve done – Watersprite Lake session, Joffre Lakes pre-wedding session, Mount Baker post-wedding session.

Bride and groom with backpacks are hiking to the Garibaldi Lake to take their engagement photosBride and groom are hiking to the Garibaldi Lake to have their adventure engagement sessionGaribaldi Lake Adventure SessionBride and groom by the Garibaldi LakeBride and groom walking along the rocks with massive beautiful mountains on the background Garibaldi Lake Adventure SessionEngaged couple is having fun during their Garibaldi Lake Engagement Session Bride and groom are looking at each other and holding handsGaribaldi Lake Adventure SessionBride and groom walking towards the mountainsBride and groom are standing by the alpine lake in British Columbia Portrait of the happy engaged coupleBride and groom are sitting on the rock near the water Garibaldi Lake Adventure SessionBride is wearing a floral crown and pink flowy dress for her mountain engagement session Groom is kissing his brideHappy couple during their Garibaldi lake engagement session Garibaldi Lake Adventure SessionBride and groom are wearing sun glasses with words Take a Hike