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        Bowen Island Wedding bride and groom

        Bowen Island Wedding || Wedding Photography Vancouver

        Bride and Groom

        Bowen Island Wedding. Have you ever heard of someone who planned a proposal that lasted eighty days!? That’s exactly what Richard did when asking Toshita to be his wife. His plan included an incredible 80 days of romance, as Richard counted down each day with a small gift and a note telling Toshita something he loved about her and their relationship, which had started seven years ago while studying at the University of Alberta. For the last gift, they went for a couple’s massage and came home to a ring and the final note, asking Toshita if she would be his forever. Of course, she said yes, and they ended the day with a romantic dinner to celebrate.

        Wedding Day

        Indian Ceremony

        Toshita and Richard had originally planned a large celebration at the Pinnacle Hotel Harbourfront in Downtown Vancouver. Of course, like so many other couples, the reality of Covid-19 meant that plans for a big wedding had to be reconsidered. But as the saying goes: love is not cancelled. Rather than cancelling or postponing their wedding, Toshita and Richard re-imagined their wedding plans. They went forward with an intimate wedding on Bowen Island with their closest friends and family. Changing everything you have planned for a wedding is a huge challenge for each couple faced with this task in 2020. But Toshita and Richard’s re-imagined wedding was a dream. The location, weather and stunning ocean views all conspired to make their wedding day nothing less than perfect.

        Celebrating their Bowen Island Wedding at a family property on the island, they started the day with a traditional Indian wedding ceremony, complete with both sides of the family decked out in formal Indian attire. The Indian ceremony included a number of meaningful rituals that marked the joining of two families and acknowledged Toshita and Richard’s union. The many details, colours and emotions of these ceremonies made them a complete joy for us to photograph! Oh we love photographing Indian Weddings

        Western Ceremony

        Then, the couple changed outfits for their waterfront western wedding ceremony. With Toshita dressed in white and Richard in a dapper grey suit, they shared their vows with the ocean behind them and their nearest and dearest in front of them. After the ceremony we headed down to the water for some photos even closer to the rugged shoreline of Bowen Island.

        As you look through these images, it’s easy to see the happiness that the bride and groom shared – it was a joy for us to share this day with them. Toshita and Richard’s Bowen Island Wedding was a great reminder that regardless of what uncertainty life throws our way, what really matters is who we have beside us.

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