What is an adventure elopement?

If you’ve heard of an adventure elopement, but you’re not sure what it is and need more information about it or you’re in the process of planning your elopement and you’re looking for inspiration, then you’ve come to the right place! We’ll help you turn your wedding day into an epic adventure elopement! Below you’ll find some information about adventure elopements. You will learn what they actually are, who they are perfect for and what kind of activities you can do for your elopement.

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Why do people elope?

Is the idea of a big wedding not your thing? Does the though of choosing a color of your napkins or table décor scare you? Perhaps you and your partner are the super spontaneous and adventurous types who’re always looking for new experiences and unforgettable adventures. Maybe you want your wedding to truly be about you and  reflect who you are as a couple. For these reasons, among others, many couples are opting to ditch a traditional wedding in favor of an elopement or a small wedding.

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What does an adventure elopement mean?

Adventure elopement is an intimate wedding ceremony combined with an incredible adventure and unique unforgettable experience. Adventure weddings usually take place in the great outdoors – on a mountain top, by a glacier, waterfall or alpine lake, in an ice cave or on sand dunes. They can involve different types of activities like hiking, helicopter flights, kayaking, off-roading, ATVs, snow mobiles, bikes or hot balloons – whatever feels the most like you. Whatever brings both you and your partner the most joy and happiness.

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How many people can be invited for an elopement?

Most of the time, when people decide to elope, they choose to spend the day with each other, without inviting anyone else (except for some vendors like a photographer or officiant). But sometimes a couple may invite a few guests (closest friends and family). For most elopements, more than 20-25 guests usually aren’t invited.

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Who does these crazy adventure things?

Adventure elopements and weddings are perfect for people who are deeply in love and crave an adventure. Adventure elopements are meant for couples who value meaningful experiences over materialistic things in life. These weddings are for brides and grooms who feel the best exploring the great outdoors. They are for couples who dream of saying “I do” on the top of a mountain, in an ice cave or in front of a stunning glacier. Adventure elopements are a great idea for those wild souls who want to challenge the ordinary and want an adventure to be a part of their epic wedding day.

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What activities can during an adventure elopement?

There’s no right or wrong way to have your adventure elopement! There’s no ‘one size fits all.’  This is one of the most valuable advantages of adventure weddings. You can make it yours and make it special! Your elopement day should reflect who you are as a couple and allow your personalities to shine. When browsing ideas for your elopement, think of what you’d like to do together, what brings you the most joy and when you feel most alive.

Here are just a few ideas of what you can do for your elopement – hiking, camping, off-roading, ATV riding, sunset picnic by the ocean or take a helicopter ride to the top of the mountain. In the summertime, you can rent a boat or do kayaking. In the wintertime, you can do snowmobile riding or even snowboard or ski. British Columbia has so much to offer that your options are endless! You can go wherever imagination takes you!

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When do people usually elope?

Any time is a good time for an adventure — some times are just a bit better than others based on your personal preferences. There are a few important things to consider about a date: the best season for the activity you’d like to do for your elopement, weather, peak travel seasons in a destination and time of day.

If you feel that an adventure elopement is the right option for you, talk to us! As professional adventure elopement photographers in British Columbia, we’ve photographed a lot of amazing adventure weddings. We know how to help you with planning your adventure.

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