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        Fueled by passion

        There are a lot of photographers that do what we do. We share the same What and How. But our couples work with us because of our Why and our Who. We owe our continued success not only to the quality of our work, but also to our values, personal approach, and willingness to know about, and engage in, your story.

        What: Capture the beauty of your wedding day
        How: With big cameras and a huge passion
        Who: Two sisters who truly believe in real emotions and take every wedding very personally
        Why: We sense and share each emotion with you. We want you to be moved to tears when you open the wedding album that we create for you. We truly wish to learn about your story, help you follow your dreams, and exceed your expectations.

        "You don't take a photograph, you make it."
        – Ansel Adams


        Tatiana is the creative center of Karizma Photography. To be on top of the game, she is continuously discovering and implementing various new techniques to do with creative photography, lighting, and posing. Tatiana is responsible for all deadlines and she always does her best to deliver photos even sooner than expected.

        You could describe Tatiana as an adventure seeker. It doesn’t matter whether outdoors or indoors, she will find adventure anywhere.


        Natalia is truly detail oriented person who takes care of things that must be done. She holds a significant role by filtering all Tatiana’s crazy ideas and making the final decision as to which ones should be brought to life.

        You could describe Natalia as a mountain hiker, road traveler, and outdoor adventure seeker.


        What makes you different?

        Can you hold our date, or call us if another couple requests our date?

        How do we book our date with you?

        When will we get to see our wedding photos?

        Do you edit photos?

        How many photographs will we receive?


        We care. We truly care. We take every wedding very personally. We work with you, we listen to you, we help you. You need to feel a special connection with your photographers before you trust us to be a part of your wedding. And we build this connection together.

        Languages: Eng  |  Rus