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Whatever the reason you’ve chosen an elopement, there’s one thing every eloping couple needs: a standout elopement photographer! You want your photographer to be experienced with shooting beautiful landscapes and highlighting people's emotions. You aren’t having a standard wedding, and your photos from this adventure shouldn’t be standard either. You want someone who’ll capture the wind, the fresh air, the sound of nature, and the strength of mountains the same way as your emotions will be captured.

We’ll capture the feeling of your day. We’ll capture the memories. We'll capture the moments between moments.

Through your photos, you’ll relive your day again and again.

What Makes Us Different?

Karizma Photography

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We don't just provide stunning photos. we create an adventure that will be remembered for life!

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Photographer & planner

Karizma Photography

Natalia is the organized one, with a strong focus on details (some would say she’s a perfectionist). Sometimes, she seems too professional and a bit too serious at first sight, but when you get to know her better, you see she’s the sweetest and the most caring person. Natalia has a big passion for off-roading and would like to explore every single hidden road in British Columbia. Her favorite place is Blowdown Pass where she can dream big. One day, she’ll buy a house somewhere in the mountains in the middle of nowhere, get a labradoodle puppy, and will hike every day from there...

photo of Tatiana from Karizma photography


Photographer & photo editor

Karizma Photography

Tatiana is an outgoing person who can be a bit crazy. She loves fun and gets people excited about what she's doing. She talks a lot! She loves everything to go according to plan; however, she’s able to easily adjust to every situation. She loves spending time in the mountains, and glaciers help her to recharge her energy. Her favorite place is Wedgemount Lake & Glacier. Tatiana does CrossFit, wears high heels to the office, and always brings wine to our overnight hiking adventures.

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Our Vision

We empower couples to celebrate their commitment to each other in the most adventurous and unique ways. We inspire couples to craft their wedding day in a way that means the most to them and allows them to be their true selves. We encourage couples to have a wild wedding adventure, explore the most amazing locations in BC, and have WOW wedding photos.

Kind Words

Natalia and Tatiana are absolutely wonderful! I absolutely love those two sisters. Their attention to detail, passion for photos, and professionalism shows in their amazing work! Anyone can take pictures, but only a few have the eye to turn pictures into a work of art. We highly recommend them for your special events..... you will be thankful you did. We are beyond grateful to have crossed their path.

- Liz & Ian

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photo of Tatiana Karizma Photography at Wedgemount lake
photo of Natalia Karizma Photography at Panorama ridge

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